We have a long standing reputation

Powering Enterprise and Economy through Breakthrough Innovation and Locally Relevant Execution

We are a team of award-winning business consultants committed to working with business leaders and enterprise helping their businesses cut through complexities of the business world- finding solutions and adding value

The North-Star

Our Services

Business Startup and SME Consulting

We are dedicated to helping startups overcome challenges in the business world. Our services empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools needed to turn their ideas into thriving ventures

Market Research and Strategy

Our commitment to simplifying the business world extends to our market research and strategy services. In today’s competitive landscape, understanding your market, competitors, and industry trends is crucial for sustainable success

Strategic planning

At The North-Star, we’re driven by our mission to help businesses succeed. Strategic planning is the cornerstone of this mission

Operational Optimization

At The North-Star, we recognize the critical role of operational optimization in business success. Our solutions empower businesses to continually enhance their internal processes so that they can compete effectively and grow sustainably.

Process Enhancement

We analyze existing workflows to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, streamlining operations for improved efficiency

Technology Integration

Our consultants implement technology solutions that automate and optimize various operational tasks, enhancing efficiency, improving communication, data accessibility and growth

Supply Chain Excellence

We optimise your supply chain operations to deliver efficiency while empowering you to achieve the financial goals you have set for your supply chain

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

ESG is central to our consulting services. We recognize its importance for long-term success and responsible corporate practices in today’s sustainability-driven world

We are on a Mission

To Build Sustainable and Scalable Operational Models

Our combination of international and local market knowledge and perspective gives us an edge in the professional services industry in Africa. This combination enables the African practice to add real value by developing strategies that give the firm’s clients a distinct edge over their competitors at the different stages of their growth

Reasons to work with us

  Execution Experience

We have enabled startups and organizations scale while raising over $100 million in funding

We have a track record of offering advice and expertise to large enterprises, governments, and non-governmental organizations to improve their business and operational performance. 

At The North-Star, we take pride in our exceptional consultancy expertise. Our core mission is deeply understanding and addressing our clients’ unique needs. Through meticulous care and unwavering dedication, we craft tailored solutions that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations. Below, we’re delighted to showcase some of the distinguished companies that have experienced the value of our personalized guidance

Maximizing Business Potentials

Want to run your business more successfully? Our team of experts are always on hand to help you position your business for success

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